Whirlpool Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

When it comes to washing dishes, finding shortcuts can sometimes be a good thing. One major shortcut that many people have discovered is that when you let your dishwasher do all the work of cleaning your dishes, you have time to get other things done that might be more fun than scrubbing a glass or two. But even if you are already enjoying the splendor of having a dishwasher in your home, there are a few Whirlpool dishwasher maintenance tips that can make starting that load of dishes even easier.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Maintenance TipsThe first thing that you should do is go out and buy some of those great dishwasher tabs full of detergent. While some people may not see these as a good way to save money, they are more than worth the time the save you from measuring out the perfect amount of detergent. Not only can you be sure you are using enough, but it will also keep you from using too much. Believe it or not many people use way more detergent in their loads of dishes than they need to. This is just one of the great Whirlpool dishwasher maintenance tips that you will learn today.

Hot Water Hack

The second item on the list of Whirlpool dishwasher maintenance tips that is not known by many is that there is a shortcut for getting the water hot in your dishwasher. You may have noticed the little light that comes on when the water starts heating inside your dishwasher. This means that the water that is coming from your pipes is not warm enough to start the load of dishes. What you can do to speed up the process is to turn on the hot water at your kitchen sink. This will get the hot water from your water directed right to your dishwasher.

And the best thing about this list of Whirlpool dishwasher maintenance tips is that it includes shortcuts about getting your dishes into the dishwasher faster. If you spend a lot of time rinsing old food from your plates before putting them into the dishwasher, stop it now! There is no real reason to spend time washing the dishes before you let the dishwasher wash the dishes. The detergent is made to dissolve the food left on dishes so it can get them clean. This is a shortcut that not everyone believes, but it will save you time, so try it once and see what happens.

Keep your Dishwasher Clean

Finally, the best way to make sure your dishwasher is getting your dishes clean in a timely manner is to make sure the dishwasher is as clean as a whistle before you load it with dishes to be washed. There are many simple ways to get the inside of the dishwasher clean and all you need is a rag and some cleaner. Or better yet, save time by purchasing a dishwasher cleaner at the store. They are easy to use and you will feel better knowing you followed some great Whirlpool dishwasher maintenance tips and also got your dishes done at the same time.

We hope these tips helped resolve someĀ of your Whirlpool dishwasher issues. For all dishwasher repair and maintenance service please contact us.