Coronado, Mission Beach, La Jolla Appliance Repair

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Coronado, Mission Beach, La Jolla Appliance Repair

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Coronado, which is Spanish for “the crowned one”, is a name that really represents this quaint little town. Coronado is all but famous for its luxurious beaches. It maintains its small town charm despite being in such close proximity to San Diego. The San Diego-Coronado Bridge and the historic Hotel del Coronado make this location easily identifiable and not easily forgettable. Nearby and just as charming are La Jolla and Mission Beach. Mission Beach is a popular destination for surfers both young and old. The area boasts hip restaurants, bars and surf shops. La Jolla is a more low key location. With a village lifestyle feel, La Jolla is a very popular surfing destination for those that prefer a relaxing experience. La Jolla’s nickname, “the jewel of San Diego”, is truly suiting since it is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in California. With the sea on three sides and Mt. Soledad at its back, La Jolla is any nature lover’s dream. Call us for help at (619) 821-2103

Despite the small town feel of these locations, life is just as busy here as it in the big cities. That’s why it’s important that if you have a broken or malfunctioning appliance that it gets fixed as soon as possible. We offer repair of most household and commercial appliances including but not limited to refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, vent/range hoods, freezers, ice makers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves and cooktops. With such a wide range of serviceable appliances, we are almost certain to be able to assist you.

Some of the most annoying and intrusive problems are those that concern the oven since in the common household it’s used nearly every day. One of these issues can be the failure of the oven to heat to the desired temperature. There are multiple issues that can result in this problem. The most simple is that the thermometer inside the oven that detects its temperature is not functioning properly and is communicating the wrong temperature to the control panel. Replacing the thermometer should solve the problem. The problem can occur in reverse as well. If the control panel is damaged, for example by water, it can communicate the wrong temperature settings to the heating panels in the oven and thus heat the oven to the wrong temperature. This is a more complex problem as it requires replacing the control panel. Both these issues require the involvement of a professional repairman.

We Repair All Types of Appliances

What makes us stand out is our dedication to our customers. We tailor our services to best suit our clients. This includes same day appointments, free service calls with repairs and only the best technicians in the business. We understand that you have a busy schedule and are more than willing to coordinate around it. We offer our same day appointments for exactly this reason. With only a two hour window, you can have one of our repairmen on your doorstep. To further sweeten the deal, we will waive our service call fee if you choose us to repair your appliance. To make sure that we offer you only the best service, our technicians are all factory trained professionals. They arrive in fully stocked trucks with only factory approved parts so that your repair can be shortened to as little as one visit. Our emphasis is on diverse, quality service so we work on all brands:

Don’t hesitate to ask our technicians for tips and ideas on how to maintain your appliance in the future! Call us for help at (619) 821-2103

Appliance Repair Service in San Diego County Servicing in following areas

  • Coronado Zip codes: 91932, 92118, 92135, 92155, 92178
  • Mission Beach Zip code – 92109
  • La Jolla Zip codes – 92037, 92038, 92039, 92092, 92093