Common Issues with Viking Dishwashers

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The most common issues with Viking Dishwashers

Viking dishwashers are a common household appliance that many times needs repair. In the Viking D3 Series RDDB301 dishwasher, features include heavy-duty racks, stainless-steel finish and tub, a guard beneath the upper spray arm, and 15 place settings. A household name in high-end cooking appliances, occasionally Viking does not rack up to the endurance of their competitors. From service calls to appointment setting to the infamous “waiting period,” if your dishwasher does not work you’re in for hurdle. With busy schedules and families to feed, spending any extra time and energy on washing a bundle of dirty dishes is aggravating.

Viking Dishwasher
Your Viking dishwasher was designed to give you years of outstanding performance, in order to maintain this high level of performance, you need to make sure that your appliance is cared for and maintenance is a part of the works. Below are a list of common problems with Viking Dishwashers:


Filters continuously wash water under normal operations and are designed to be self-cleaning. If the filtered are subjected to a heavy amount of sediment, food soil and hard water conditions, cleaning may be necessary after each use. Many times these products conjugate over time and form a thin layer over the filter. As the consumer, you may be deemed responsible for this “sediment” and clogging of the filter, and therefore not be covered under our warranty. Clogged filters can lead to drainage problems and poor dishwashing results.

12 Most Common issues caused by filters:

1 Small particles deposited on items
2 Water left in bottom rear filter
3 Drain timeout
4 Detergent left in detergent compartment
5 Cloudy film on glassware – etching on glassware
6 Dishes not dry
7 Chipping or breaking of glassware
8 Unusual noise
9 Dishwasher will not fill
10 Water backs up in sink when dishwasher drains
11 Dishwasher will not drain
12 Odor in your dishwasher

If you feel that you still need to repair your Viking dishwasher, please give us a call at (619) 821-2103