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American Range Repair in San Diego

American Range Appliance RepairAmerican Range offers reliable appliances at affordable prices, making this brand a top choice for San Diego homes and businesses. Buying a new appliance is a major investment so it can be discouraging when you encounter problems. Whether it’s a broken burner on your range or inconsistent heat in your oven, San Diego Appliance Repair technicians can diagnose appliance issues and provide affordable repair services for all American Range appliances. Call us for help at (619) 821-2103

Common Range Problems

Even though American Range has a reputation for durability, occasional problems can occur. Here is a look at some of the issues our repair team sees most frequently with this brand.

  • Oven lights that burn out
  • Burner that stopped working
  • Broken coils
  • Electrical issues
  • Took too long to preheat
  • Inconsistent heating
  • Stuck on self-cleaning mode
  • Broken knobs
  • Digital display stopped working
  • Oven smokes
  • Clicking sound when the ignitor comes on

American Range is a great quality brand, but when you start to see any of these problems with your range, it is time to call San Diego Appliance Repair for an estimate. Don’t struggle with a broken range, let us help!

American Range Oven Repair

Much of your food prep routine relies on a working oven and it’s a major hassle if the unit stops working properly. Our technicians typically see oven issues that are quick and easy to fix with part replacement. Here are some of the most common symptoms that your American Range oven needs to be evaluated.

  • The entire unit will not turn on
  • Food cooks unevenly
  • No heat inside the unit
  • Burns or undercooks food
  • Broil setting is broken
  • Unit will not self-clean
  • After self-cleaning the door will not unlock
  • The oven door gets overheated and could cause burns

Choose Repair Services From Experts in the American Range Brand

Our San Diego technicians have many years of experience with multiple brands of appliances, including American Range. Our staff is friendly and always willing to answer your questions when you call. Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and dispatch repair technicians. When the service tech arrives at your home or business, you’ll receive a free estimate on the repairs upfront with no hidden fees or surcharges ever added. All technicians are insured and bonded for your safety when they enter your home. We strive to make the experience as stress-free as possible. We guarantee all our specialists will arrive on time and prepared to begin working on your appliance on the spot.

Maintenance Services for American Range Appliances

Appliances are always an expensive investment so it only makes sense to give them the best care possible. Consistent use can cause wear and tear on your American Range appliances, but we provide routine maintenance services to keep your appliances in top working condition. It is usually a good idea to have your appliances looked at least once a year. We will send out a technician to inspect and make any necessary repairs. Routine Maintenance is useful for many reasons; our specialist can catch problems fast during your inspection and this regular maintenance extends the life of your appliances. This is a small cost that will always pay off in the end.

American Range Installation Services

Installing new American Range appliances can be complicated. Proper installation is necessary for your appliance to remain durable and in good working order. If you make the mistake of trying installation by yourself, you could cause permanent damage to your appliance or even void the warranty. This could even lead to more expensive repairs down the road. Call our customer service representatives today to schedule a technician to help you install your new American Range appliances.

Should You Repair or Replace Your American Range Appliance?

Are you struggling to decide if it makes more sense to replace your American Range appliance or to repair it? This is a common question. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience dealing with this brand. The best way to make an informed decision is to let us come out to your home or commercial property and diagnose the problem. We understand that appliances are generally a large investment and are expensive to replace. However, if your American Range appliance is over 15 years old and needing constant repairs it might be time to find a replacement. We can help install your new appliance to make sure it is running smoothly. Many times, a repair is fraction of the cost of purchasing a new appliance.

Contact San Diego Appliance Repair today to get a free estimate on American Range appliance installation, maintenance, or repair. Call us at (619) 821-2103