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True Appliance Repair

True Refrigerator RepairSan Diego Appliance Repair will help you when your appliance stops working.  It is frustrating to have a broken appliance and it just adds to the stress for families.  When you True appliance breaks down don’t panic, call us and we can help.  Instead of trying to repair the machine yourself, or replacing it all together let our technicians come out to give you a free estimate so you will have all the information you need to make a decision.

Dishwasher Repair

It can be a nightmare to come home after a busy day at work to find your kitchen floor flooded because of a leading dishwasher.  Often dishwashers will show subtle signs of trouble before leaking and not working.  If you notice your dishes are getting clean after a wash cycle or a funny noise or odor is coming from your appliance you need to call us right away.  Our technicians have vast experience dealing with dishwasher repair and can fix any model you may have.  Let us diagnose the problem and provide you with a free estimate.  This way you can decide if a repair or replacement is best.

Microwave repair

Microwaves are in all homes across the nation.  Since their invention, they have become a modern convenience that few live without.  Microwaves are often the most inexpensive appliance in your home so many people just purchase a new one when the old one breaks instead of calling a repair company.   The repair may be minor so before buying a totally new microwave call us so we can come check out the problem.  The most common problems our specialist see are broken turntables, displays that have stopped working and electrical issues.  Technicians at San Diego Appliance Repair can fix an of these problems.  Call us today!

Refrigerator repair

A broken fridge can send anyone into a panic because the thought of having to replace the most expensive appliance in your home can be scary.  Instead of worrying call San Diego Appliance Repair and let us come look.  Our technicians are experienced and can easily repair any problem you are having.  When your refrigerator goes out you not only face a repair bill but also the cost of having to replace all the food in your fridge.  This is expensive and can cause a big problem.  If you call us the minute you discover a problem we can quickly get your appliance back in working order.

Washing machine

No one likes to waste hours sitting in a laundromat, but when you have a broken washing machine you may have no choice.  Often the problem can be as minor as a broken door latch on a front loader machine that prevents it from working.  If you notice a problem, call us right away so we can send someone out to diagnose the problem and estimate exactly what the cost will be. You don’t have to worry; we always honor our estimates.  After you approve we will get started and fix your appliance straight from the convenience of your home.

Dryer repair

San Diego Appliance Repair has technicians who are experts in dryer repair.  Despite the simple exterior of a dryer, the inner workings are very complex.  Usually, a dryer will begin to make noise during a cycle before it stops working.  You may also notice that your clothes are still damp even after a full drying cycle.  IF you notice any of these problems call us right away before the machine stops working.  Often the repair will be easier and less expensive if you catch it early.

Installation services

San Diego Appliance Repair repairs and maintains appliances but we also provide installation services.  This is especially helpful to commercial customers.  Personal or commercial appliances can be hard to install and when you try to do it yourself you could cause massive damage.  TO ensure your appliance has a long life or durability call us so we can make sure tis installed correctly.

San Diego Appliance Repair always puts customers first and strives to keep prices low.  We understand that a large, unexpected repair bill can put a strain on families.  We have the lowest prices in the area and have a large number of loyal customers. Call us today!