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Fisher and Paykel Appliance Repair in San Diego

Fisher & Paykel San Diego Appliance RepairFisher and Paykel is a New Zealand based company with a solid reputation for building reliable and innovative appliances. There is no doubt these appliances have a long life and high performance, but daily wear and tear can leave any machine in need to repairs. Whether you have a leaky washer or a broken stove, San Diego Appliance repair can help. Our technicians are trained and have many years of experience in any name brand appliance, including Fisher and Paykel. Call us for help at (619) 821-2103

Fisher & Paykel Stovetop and Oven Repair

Microwave meals might be convenient, but they are no substitute for a home cooked meal. Of course, that will require a working stove. Fisher and Paykel make a beautiful line of stovetops and ovens, but they do have occasional problems. Whether your burner knobs are broken or the oven won’t heat, San Diego Appliance Repair offers fast, affordable repair services. Our service team has experience with many different Fisher and Paykel models and can quickly offer a repair estimate.

Feeling tempted to fix it yourself? You might want to reconsider. Modern ovens are very different from the ones of past generations. Today’s ovens are complex and have many new features that require professional repair technicians. We have fully trained Fisher and Paykel repair technicians who can work on your oven without voiding the terms of your warranty. They are fully equipped with the specialty tools and parts necessary to repair common problems with this brand on the spot.

Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine Repair

A broken washer is a major hassle that can set you days behind on your typical laundry routine. If you notice a puddle of water beneath your washer or it suddenly starts making a strange noise, contact us right away. Our friendly customer support team will dispatch a repair tech immediately to diagnose the problem and repair it on the spot. This means you can get back to washing dirty laundry with minimum interruptions and less frustration.

Fisher and Paykel Dryer Repair

Have you noticed your dryer making a strange noise lately? Are your clothes always damp even after you run them through a complete cycle in the dryer? These are symptoms of a problem with your Fisher and Paykel dryer and if you don’t address them quickly, it could escalate into the need for a complete replacement. When you first notice a change in your dryer’s performance, contact San Diego Appliance Repair right away. Our highly trained service professionals will provide you with a no-obligation estimate so that you can see the cost for repair upfront and make an informed decision on whether it’s worth it to replace your existing dryer.

Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers made by Fisher and Paykel can last for many years with proper care. However, routine use can lead to occasional problems. Here are some of the common complaints about dishwashers from this brand that provide a clue when it’s time to call in a repair expert for help:

  • Loud noises
  • Abnormal shaking or vibration
  • Lingering odors
  • Water leaks
  • Broken door hinges
  • Inconsistent cleaning
  • Electrical problems

If you see any of these common problems, call our San Diego appliance repair team for assistance.

Repair for your ActiveSmart Refrigerator

The ActiveSmart Refrigerator is one of Fisher and Paykel’s premier appliance options. This modern take on the standard refrigerator comes with a lot of bells and whistles, but it is also much more complicated to repair when issues arise. Our repair team is fully trained to work on ActiveSmart refrigerators and we keep parts on hand to fix common problems. Here are some of the most frequent repair issues we see from this particular model:

  • Leaking water
  • Broken evaporator coils
  • Clogged or broken ice makers
  • Loud humming noises
  • Excessive energy usage
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Damaged seals

Whether you are dealing with a clogged ice maker or a broken cooktop, our friendly San Diego appliance repair pros can help. We provide 24/7 service including holidays and weekends, giving you excellent service anytime you notice a problem with your Fisher and Paykel appliances. When you choose our repair professionals, you’ll enjoy same day service, affordable rates, and greater attention to detail. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for Fisher and Paykel appliance repair in San Diego. Call us for help at (619) 821-2103