Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair in San Diego

Freezer Repair in San Diego
Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days, particularly when it comes to groceries. Supermarket prices are sky high and it doesn’t look like they will come down anytime soon. Many families in San Diego have turned to freezers as a great alternative to cut down food costs by buying in bulk. By freezing food that won’t be used right away, you can take advantage of sale prices and stock up when the prices are low on meats, produce, and other food items your family frequently uses. While a freezer can save you a lot of money on groceries, it can also be a major problem if it stops working. Suddenly, you have hundreds of dollars in food that is going to spoil if your freezer isn’t repaired right away.

If you have a broken freezer in San Diego, it’s crucial that you call a freezer repair professional immediately. Keep the door closed so the food stays as cold as possible. When you notice the freezer isn’t running or cooling properly, call San Diego Appliance Repair and ask for emergency same day repair service. We provide this same day service for freezer repair in San Diego at no additional charge. We understand that freezer problems can be more than inconvenient. They can result in a lot of wasted food and leave many families in a financial bind.

When you call for assistance with freezer repair, our friendly phone representatives will dispatch a freezer repair technician right away to come to your home and assess the problem. After the technician inspects your freezer and troubleshoots the problem, you will receive a estimate for the repair cost. Our estimates are all-inclusive and there are never any hidden fees or charges tacked on at the last minute. You will know the full price for freezer repair services in San Diego up front so you can decide if you want to pay for repairs or just replace the freezer. In almost every situation, freezer repair is much more cost effective than buying a brand new unit.

Our technicians are factory trained to work on all major freezer brands in San Diego. Whether you have a brand new freezer or you use your grandma’s old freezer that she handed down to your mom and then later to you, we can help with repairs. The most common freezer brands that we work on in San Diego include:

If your freezer isn’t cooling properly or you notice water leaking all over your floor, don’t waste a minute in calling a professional repair technician. Freezer repair in San Diego is always urgent. Keep the freezer closed and pick up the phone to call San Diego Appliance Repair right away. A friendly representative will send a repair technician to your home immediately so your freezer is fixed before your food ever has a chance to thaw out and spoil.

We specialize in all types of freezer repair problems including:

  • Defrosting mechanism malfunctioning
  • Broken door
  • Parts need replacement
  • Does not power at all
  • Temperature does not adjust
  • Loud and abrupt noises
  • Cycling off feature broken
  • Leakage
  • Seals working poorly

Call San Diego Appliance Repair today if you are experiencing any of these problems.  Our technicians will quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair any freezer problem, usually on the same day.  We also encourage maintenance of your freezer to prolong its life, as we understand that freezers are a pricy investment.  We will work around your schedule and service you at your earliest convenience!  We work around the clock to fit into your schedule because customer satisfaction is San Diego Appliance Repair’s number one priority.

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Reviewer: Cindy Spencer –

Our freezer was loud and not getting cold enough. My neighbor recommended San Diego Appliance so I called and made and appointment. The technician was on time, made the repair at a good fair price. He had all of the parts and was done and done well in around half hour. Nice job!