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Dryer Repair in San Diego

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San Diego Dryer Repair Services
The average family in San Diego does between 5-10 loads of laundry every week. Between work, school, sports, dance, and other hobbies, families are busy and need to do laundry quickly when they have a few free minutes at home. When your dryer breaks, it can cause a major hassle for your entire family. Suddenly, laundry is a chore that takes a lot more time. Instead of relying on your dryer, you are forced to hang clothes on a line to dry or take them to a laundry mat.  Most of us simply don’t have that kind of time so dryer repair has to be done right away when you encounter a problem. Call us for help at (619) 821-2103

San Diego Appliance Repair provides same day service for dryer repair so your family never experiences the stress that comes along with piles of dirty laundry. When your dryer stops working, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We have skilled dryer repair technicians waiting to be dispatched to your home in San Diego right away. We offer dryer repair right when you need it. In fact, our dryer repair technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even have someone on call during the holidays because we know how important it can be to have working appliances in the midst of holiday entertaining. Read our Blogs & Tips here…

Our technicians are factory trained to handle all dryer repairs and they have years of experience with all major brands.

We commonly repair dryers from these top manufacturers:

If your dryer brand is not listed, don’t worry call to see if we can repair your brand.

When you first notice a problem with your dryer, give us a call. We will immediately send out a dryer repair technician to take a look and identify the problem. We always provide a complimentary repair estimate on the site so you can see what it will cost to repair the dryer before any work is completed. At San Diego Appliance Repair, there are never any hidden charges or fees. We give honest estimates and stand by them when the time comes to send you a bill. Most dryer repairs can be done on the spot and most of them are actually simple fixes.

With our dryer repair service we can address all of the following issues:

  • Under heating
  • Dryer won’t start
  • Overheating
  • Longer dry time than usual (Varies per machine)
  • Dryer is plugged in but still won’t work
  • Problems with digital display
  • Tearing or dirtying of clothing
  • Dryer runs but won’t heat
  • Lint collector broken
  • Dryer is making a clanking noise
  • Dryer is making noises and vibrates wildly
  • Foul smell left on clothing
  • Dryer stopped spinning
  • Unusual sounds including squeaking and grinding
  • Dryer drum not turning
  • Blown Fuses
  • Dryer won’t stop
  • Broken Circuits
  • Dryer overheating
  • Tumbling mechanism broken
  • Dryer doesn’t advance properly
  • Machine won’t turn on
  • Dryer sounds like it’s running but doesn’t tumble
  • Settings dial broken
  • And many more…

Below list of TOP services is the most extensive among other repair service providers all over San Diego:

  • Dryer timers
  • Heaters
  • Thermostats
  • Overloads
  • Motors and motor brushes
  • Doors
  • Printed circuit (main control)  boards
  • Pumps and hoses
  • Dispensers
  • Gasket
  • Other parts.

All of these are common problems and most can be repaired easily. Don’t rush out and buy a new dryer when your current dryer stops working. You can save hundreds of dollars by simply calling a dryer repair professional in San Diego to come out and take a look at the problem. With a free estimate, you have nothing to lose so at least find out if repair is an option before you buy a replacement. Call us at (619) 821-2103

At San Diego Appliance Repair, our technicians are not only certified, they are factory trained.  This means whether you have a gas or electric type of appliance, we can repair it!  We know and specialize in all major dryer brands including Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, LG and Samsung.  Broken dryers can be dangerous and a hazard.  We urge you to call San Diego Appliance Repair to handle the issues without endangering your safety.

Service Area Zip codes:

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Carmel Valley , Scripps Ranch, PowayCoronado, Mission Beach, La Jolla, La MesaSpring ValleyEl CajonSanteeMission Valley, Mid-city, Point Loma and etc.

5 out of 5 stars

Read what customers have to say about San Diego Appliance Repair

Reviewer: Steve Roberts –

Honest, clean, prompt, professional. Would recommend for sure. I expected the worst news and instead got the best, only a freezer thermostat! One hour later I had my fridge running like new. I will use them again if needed.