LG Dryer Maintenance Tips

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LG Dryer Maintenance Tips

Do you remember the last time you took a trip to your local home improvement store and dreamed of buying that new washer and dryer set? Maybe you do, or maybe you are not the kind of person who thinks so much about a household appliance. The truth is that many people don’t give a lot of thought about appliances like dryers until they stop working completely or are in need of repairs. But what if you had a list of LG dryer maintenance tips that would help you keep your dryer running longer and keep you from shelling out money for repairs or to buy a brand new appliance?

LG Dryer Maintenance TipsHere you will get a few LG dryer maintenance tips that are easy to do, even if you are not that handy around the house. As long as you know where the dryer is and how it works, you will have no problem maintain this appliance. To make it easier, let’s start with the hardest thing you will need to do to maintain your dryer. Grab your vacuum and head for the laundry room. Your vacuum will come in handy when you need to vacuum lint from places in your dryer that you didn’t know existed.

Clean the Vents

If you have never cleaned out the dryer venting tube, the tube that vents your dryer to the outside, then now is the time to remove the tube from the back of your dryer to check to see if there is lint and other build up in the tube. An easy way to get rid of this build up is to simply vacuum the lint out. Another option would be to get a long brush to clean the tube out, but a vacuum should work fine. The vacuum will help you with a few of the other LG dryer maintenance tips as well.

Clean the Lint Trap

Next you will want to remove the lint trap from your dryer and make sure it is cleaned off. This filter needs to be cleaned after every load no matter how many clothes are in the dryer. If you can, with the lint trap removed from the dryer, stick the vacuum hose into the lint trap receptacle and vacuum out any lint debris. You are not done yet with the vacuum. Check your owner’s manual to see how to get to the inside of the dryer. It might be as simple as taking the back off of the dryer. Use the vacuum to get any lint that may have crept into the cracks of the dryer. This is one of the LG dryer maintenance tips that surprises many people.

Finally, the last of the LG dryer maintenance tips is something that makes sense, yet people rarely do it. Do not overload your dryer or even your washer for that matter. It is not an efficient way to do your laundry. In the washer a load of clothes that is too large can throw the washer off balance. In the dryer the clothes will take longer to dry and use more energy.