Dependable Appliance Repair in San Diego CA

Dependable Appliance Repair in San Diego CA

There are some things that you absolutely want to have lined up before you need them:  medical care, insurance, and appliance repair.  San Diego, CA is home to San Diego Appliance Repair, one of the most trusted names in appliance repair and service.  And when things go wrong with one of your appliances, you need people you can trust to fix it, and fix it fast.

At San Diego Appliance Repair Services, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.  All of our technicians are highly trained professionals. As factory qualified and certified experts, they can handle any repair issues that arise on a wide range of appliances, from dishwashers to disposals, washers to cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, water heaters, ice makers, you name it.  Our technicians can diagnose the problem and get your appliance in proper working condition in no time.

Many companies have repairmen that are familiar with one or two brands of appliances.  Our technicians are familiar with all the major brands – including:  Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool, Thermador, Bosch, KitchenAid, GE, LG, Dacor, Viking, Fisher & Paykel, and more.  They know the specifics of each make and model so there are never any surprises.

Many repair companies are only set up to handle one or two types of appliance repair.  San Diego, CA based San Diego Appliance Repair handles almost every type of appliance you will find in a house, from microwaves to air conditioners and all the appliances mentioned earlier.  When our technicians make a call to your house, it can end up saving you money.  One customer told us that when our technician was there to repair the oven, he noticed that water was leaking from under the refrigerator.  He was able to make that repair during the same call and saved them thousands of dollars in potential damage to their kitchen floor and sub-floor.

Anytime you have a repair made, whether it’s to your car, your home or one of your appliances, you want to feel that it will last, that quality parts were used in a quality job.  San Diego Appliance repair only carries genuine manufacturer replacement parts.  No cheap knock-offs or low quality generic spare parts are used.  Because we use only genuine parts, all of our parts are backed by the manufacturer warranty.  That’s one more way we provide peace of mind to our customers.

Another advantage to using San Diego Appliance Repair is that we always have 95% of parts and components in our inventory.  There is no waiting for parts to be ordered and shipped from the manufacturer.  We have them on hand so we are prepared to repair your appliance and get it running in top form in a minimal amount of time.

Our trucks are radio-dispatched, which means faster response time in getting a technician to your house.  All the trucks are pre-equipped with parts and components that commonly need to be replaced, so the technician can get right to work.  We’re able to complete many service calls on our initial visit.  No leaving to chase down parts.

San Diego Appliance Repair understands that you can’t schedule when your appliance is going to break down.  Often it is at the most inconvenient time or outside normal business hours.  We pride ourselves on being prepared for emergency service calls.  When our customers need us, we are there.  We want to get your appliance up and running as quickly as possible so you can get back to your life.

We also value our communities and the environment in which we live.  All of our service trucks are outfitted with refrigerant recovery units to prevent any illegal venting of refrigerants and contaminants into the atmosphere.  We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible.

Whatever your appliance repair needs, San Diego Appliance Repair can handle them in a fast, reliable and environmentally responsible manner.  We not only care about your appliances, but also the environment of our community.